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    Technical University in Zvolen

    Faculty of Wood Science and Technology

    It is focused in science and education on the whole field of wood and wood products.

    Department of Wood Science
    The department provides education in the area of wood and wood composites: structure,
    defects, physical and mechanical properties.
    The main objective of research activities at the Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology
    during the year 2007-2010 is the “Effective and ecological valuation of raw wood material”
    in the following areas:
    - Quality of wood and other lingocellulosic materials
    - Development of wooden material sand products
    - Interaction of wood with other substances and forms of energy
    - Energetic use of wood
    - Production of final wood products and wood constructions
    - Economic, market and marketing aspects of use of wood and system management of
    production processes and innovations

    List of international research projects:

    - COST Action IE0601. Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage
    - COST Action E 53. Quality control for wood and wood products
    - Slovak - Chinese Research and Development Cooperation. Optimization of wood
    drying processes
    - Slovak – Czech Research and Development Cooperation. Fire Fighting in the natural
    environment of appropriate techniques in terms acceptance environment
    - Slovak- Ukrainian Research and Development Cooperation. Modern energy saving
    technology of plywood production from veneer with higher moisture content
    - Slovak- Polish Research and Development Cooperation. Survey of consumer attitudes
    towards wood products.