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    1st day 26th October 2011
    10.00 - 13.00 Arrival, accommodation and registration of participants and guests
    12.00 13.00 Lunch

    14.00 Opening of the workshop at the premises of Technical University in Zvolen.
    14.15 19.00 The first block of the workshop:
      Introduction of activities of the Centre for Development in the preparation of international projects
      Presentation of the Proceedings of "Common Research V-4"
      Introduction of common web portal for Common Research V-4
      current call FP7 "Energy efficient buildings"
      Overview of successful FP7 projects
    19.00 Dinner for invited members and guests of Workshop

    2nd day 27th October 2011
    9.30 13.00 The second block of the workshop:
      Preparation and negotiation of the project, distribution of tasks
      Specification of the project activities, budget
      Approving of the common program of the "Common Research V-4" for a further period
      Discussion and conclusion
    14.00 lunch for invited participants and guests of Workshop
    15.00 End of Workshop