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    Conclusions were accepted on common meeting Academic workshop V-4 held in Zvolen on
    26th -27th October as following. All participants unanimously agreed on common progress for
    the future.

      • The meeting was leaded by Prof. Babiak (Zvolen). The professional part of the discussed
    problem was prepared by Ing. Ihnát, PhD. (Bratislava). Scientific presentations were held by
    Dr. Pazstory, Ing. Molnár (Sopron), Ing. Rychtar, Ing. Hlaskova (Brno), Doc. Mazela
    (Poznan). Prof. Ing. Siklienka, PhD - Dean of Faculty of Wood Processing of Technical
    University in Zvolen took part with the discussion contribution also. The simplifying of the
    cooperation among cross border partners and other organizational and support activities on
    the basis of detailed schedules were discussed at the meeting. Their contributions brought Dr.
    Apostol (Budapest), Prof. Guzenda (Poznan), Prof. Molnár (Sopron), Doc. Havířová (Brno),
    Ing. Lagana, PhD. (Zvolen), Ing. Florek (Centre for Development).

      • The issue of the proposed common research projects was the subject of preliminary
    discussions. The topics of the 7th Framework Programme, the possibility of the opening of a
    new research program and entry into the running program were the next phase of preparatory
    works. The conditions for the participation of departments, staff representation, professional
    and specialized departments and financial conditions of coverage have been consulted.

      • Establishment of common web-site: On the base of a proposal of Centre for the Development
    and a consideration of partners the design of common web site was created and adjusted
    according to the comments of individual members of the group Common Research V-4.
    Members of consortia agreed that a common web page will appear under main web portal of
    Centre for the Development as a separated icon. Such amended proposal was sent to selected
    entity (VÚPC, Bratislava) for processing and gradual replenishment as required by the client.

      • Final report, financial statement: Elaboration of Final report and Financial statement was
    carried by Center for the Development as the main organizer on the base of the results.

      •Project met the expected outcomes in full range: approved the Agreement of Understanding,
    prepared the ground for the contract terms and conditions with the EC, common web portal
    for the needs of group of Common Research V-4, Proceedings with specialized materials for
    the common meeting in Zvolen

      • An agree on common procedure for the preparation of research projects at the bilateral level
    between the Czech and Slovak parties in 2012 with the creation of a common working group
    and preparation of an extension of the Common Research V-4 group with a new member-
    Technical University in Prague were achieved beyond our expectations.